Where it started…

With a keen sense of smell and a love of beautiful scents, Jo had always been interested in the process of what makes a fragrance one that consumers want to buy.

She would often visit stores with her Mum, meticulously sniffing each fragrance, identifying the subtle notes and naming each one.

The Joyem journey started where chaos began…

In 2020, with the negative impact of Covid unfolding, it was where she found herself following a journey that would unfold in a positive way.

Time was of the essence to begin creating her vision, and in a world where time seemed to had stopped – she sure had plenty of it.

A dream of a sustainable, thoughtful way of gifting became something she was creating into reality.

Jo, the mastermind behind Joyem had found her soul purpose. With a heart full of hope and positivity, believing in fate and the possibilities that were open to her- she listened to the call of the universe and knew that Joyem was going build into something beautiful.

Joyem @ Home. Where you can have quality gifts, the level of customer service you deserve and an experience that has a deeper meaning.


Look no further for giftsets that intend to be kind to our world. With a refillable element, it is the gift that can keep on giving.

Simply choose your fragrance. and let us create you a uniquely beautiful Gift Set tailored to your budget.

No customer is the same, and we want to make sure that everyone can experience Joyem no matter what budget you have for gifting.


We understand the responsibility of assisting our environment here at Joyem @ Home. Not only are we mindful when creating our fragrances – using vegan friendly oils, avoiding the need for harsh chemicals and alcohol. We are proud to now be able to offer you an refillable range with the same love, kindness and quality as before- but one that now offers you a chance to invest. Saving the environment and your pocket each time you choose to refill with us.


We have a responsibility to one another to help protect our environment and the immediate wellbeing of of our community. This is why thought, love and kindness is naturally embedded into our ethos as a company.

We care what impact we make, and we want you to feel that when you purchase our products.

The Courtyard at Middleton Hall

Why not pop in and see for yourself? We are nestled in The Middleton Hall Estate, surrounded by nature and serenity.

Our little boutique is open 10am- 4pm, Wednesday – Sunday.

You will find a member of our team there waiting to assist you in the journey of fragrance.

Prefer to shop online?

We want all of our customers to feel like they have experienced the kindness and care of Joyem @ Home.

If you are unable to visit our shop, please contact us via email or WhatsApp. We are happy to assist you virtually, in the same welcoming manner we would if you were with us in our shop.

Fragrance is a journey of love between you and your mind.

Absolutely nothing is more memorable than aroma.

Everything has beauty, not everyone sees it.

Fragrance is the key to our memories… begin your journey with Joyem today.