Bergamot & Patchouli Signature Single Wick Candle


This elegant 20cl Single Wick Candle (140g) gives you approximately 35 hours worth of blissful, scent filled burn time – we use only the finest quality, vegan friendly, organic Coconut Wax in all of our candles. Our wicks are made using reinforced ring spun cotton with a natural wax coating, to assist a consistent and even burn. Please follow our candle care guidance which is included in your order to maximise the product life and effectiveness.

Our Coconut Wax contains no additives and is 100% natural, kosher, vegan and cruelty free! It has a low melting point which ensures an even and clean burn.

Please Note: As organic Coconut Wax wax has a very low melt point, it may soften in hot conditions.